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It's located here: You will need the 'subversion' (svn) tool to install this driver.

You can search a map for your area at:

You can build your own from OpenStreetMap (OSM) data, see: However, if you want to use OSM data in Navit, it makes more sense to convert to binfile format (Navit's own map format), or just download a pre-generated binfile map (see OpenStreetMap).

Please give us feedback / bug reports/feature requests/success stories about this driver either in navit tracker or

Limitations / known problems[edit]

  • The driver supports only maps that are not locked!. Some of original Garmin maps are not locked, for example MetroGuide Europe, but most of them are.
  • The driver has only partial (or no?) support for address search and navigation.
  • The driver apparently cannot load recent (after about year 2010) original Garmin maps, because it does not support the format (NT format?) that recent maps use. See explanation in QMapShack's bugtracker or Debian bug #601135 for details.

Installation and configuration[edit]

First, get libgarmin from svn, and install it, as usual :

 svn co libgarmin
 cd libgarmin

And, as root :

 make install

How to build the driver[edit]

Be sure to update navit to latest SVN

reconfigure and build navit.

 cd ../..
 ./ && ./configure && make

Configure your map source[edit]

Now add your first garmin map to navit.xml (see Configuration)

        <mapset enabled="yes">
                <map type="garmin" enabled="yes" data="/path/to/gmapsupp.img"/>

Where you can give it either dskimg file (gmapsupp.img) or a .tdb file

Note that only one mapset may be enabled, so if your existing navit.xml has another mapset enabled (default), you need to disable it by setting

        <mapset enabled="no">

You also need to add

        <plugin path="$NAVIT_PREFIX/lib/" ondemand="no"/>

to the plugins section on the top of navit.xml

Install a free basemap from Garmin[edit]

You can download a free base map from garmin.

After you get GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx.exe, unzip it to some temporary directory. In GMobileCard/Garmin directory you will find a file called gmapbmap.img. Copy that file in some location for later use, let's say /mymaps/gmapbmap.img . Now you can remove the temporary directory. And register the map in your navit.xml

    <mapset enabled="yes">
           <map type="garmin" enabled="yes" data="/mymaps/gmapbmap.img"/>