Marco Polo Grosser Reiseplaner

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Marco Polo Grosser Reiseplaner[edit]

Marco Polo Grosser Reiseplanner are extremely detailed digital maps of Europe, split into 5 regions (with Germany having its very own region!). These maps were the first map types which Navit supported.

Note that Navit can only read Grosser Reiseplanner versions 2002/2003 to 2007/2008. Newer versions are currently incomptible with Navit.


This is a detailed map of Europe. Works with version from 2003/2004 to 2007/2008 versions.

You can buy the latest version from here: (remember the little reward please ;))

Warning: Version 2008/2009 has a different map format and does not yet work with navit


This manual was written with a german version of Grosser Reiseplanner aside. So it may differ a bit.

  1. Change directory to where DVD is mounted
  2. Unpack with
    unshield x travel/
  3. Now, you should get a directory named like DIRLAN_GER. It contains:
    • The folder with all the majors roads and towns of Europe...
    • ...and five smpX.smp folders, which contain the details of countries:
      • smp1: DK,S,N,IS,FIN,N
      • smp2: F,E,GBZ,P,AND,MC
      • smp3: Germany
      • smp5: NL,B,GB,L,IRL
    Update your Configuation accordingly. A sample for Germany would be:
<mapset enabled="yes">
        <map type="mg" enabled="yes" data="/path/dirlan_ger/" />
        <map type="mg" enabled="yes" data="/path/dirlan_ger/" />

Optional: You can save some space (up to 2G) by deleting all the *d60* files. They are not needed.

Note for low memory devices[edit]

For relatively low memory devices (for example 128MB of RAM) under GNU/Linux, please type as root:

echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory