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Navit on the Neo1973

An article about navit can be found in the OpenMoko-Wiki. Further detail on the OpenMoko Freerunner can be found on the following website of openmoko and freerunner.

In general you can download the software according to the instructions found in SVN as opkg packages. You have to add the navit repository (feed), update and install navit with opkg.


An other option without compiling navit is to follow the instructions in the SHR User Manual of the SHR distribution for your freerunner. SHR is one of the available distributions on your freerunner.

  • You can flash the memory of your freerunner with the SHR distribution and install Navit with the installer opkg
 opkg install navit 


Android on Freerunner[edit]

See Android; instructions are the same as for other Android phones.

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