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The QML2 UI is a new UI being currently developed to provide a more modern look and feel to Navit.

Tablet / PC Mobile UI
Qml2.gif Gui qml drawer popup.gif

Prebuilt image[edit]

We have a prebuilt image for raspberry pi 2/3. This is a preview and will require more work, but feedback is welcome.

Tweaks (default config file is in /usr/share/navit/navit/xml) :

  • you might want to tweak the default zoom setting (in this image it's 32)
  • you can disable the qt5_qml GUI and switch back to internal, it'll still use EGL


The QML2 UI is currently developed against QT 5.7

The easiest way to install QT 5.7 (or greater) is probably to use the QT online installer.

For linux, https://download.qt.io/archive/online_installers/2.0/qt-unified-linux-x64-2.0.5-2-online.run.mirrorlist

For other platforms, https://download.qt.io/archive/online_installers/2.0/


If you have Qt5 installation in standard paths, simply cmake will create the Makefile and you can proceed with it. When the Qt5 installation is in the non standard paths, you have to use CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX for navit to find Qt5 files.


Enabling the QML2 ui[edit]

Once you compiled Navit, you can enable the QML2 ui from navit.xml.

  • Change your graphics driver to qt5 :
<graphics type="qt5"/>
  • Enable the QML2 UI :
<gui type="qt5_qml" enabled="yes" />
  • Disable the internal UI :
<gui type="internal" enabled="no">