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This page is about collecting ideas to the next minor release. Currently this is mostly from the POV of user:usul but everybody is welcome to give feedback!


The goal make the first release that ends the rolling release cycle and our philosophy "to use the SVN build". This should be a base that users can rely on, because it doesn't contain fundamental bugs and so it should reduce the amount of support and frustration on user side. On the other hand this doesn't focus bigger aspects, as autoconfiguring Navit, so the user needs still to edit navit.xml, download maps seperately, ... .

This should be released till end of the year.


filter tickets

I reviewed the open trac tickets, that were assigned to the still existing milestones and reassigned that ones , that might be in focus for the current release. As this is just IMHO, everybody is welcome to recheck the remaining tickets at old milestones:
milestone user:usul user 1 user n
To be discussed - Give your opinion! ok  ?  ?
want patch / contribution ok  ?  ?
version 0.5.0 ok  ?  ?
version 0.2.1 ok  ?  ?
<unassigned milestone> ok  ?  ?

assign and test issues

This results in the two upcomming milestones/versions

milestone user:usul user 1 user n
0.5.1 hotfix ok  ?  ?
0.6 major release ok  ?  ?

They need to be checked and confirmed, as some are pretty old and might be already fixed.

reduce features

We should offer only that features esp. in 0.5.1 that work ok and are maintained well. This means we might drop some features and/or platforms as our team is very limited:

  • only builds for ports that are currently maintained (need: porter, developer, tester, supporter)
    • major desktop: Ubuntu/Debian, Windows,
    • major mobile: Android,
  • what is currently needed in the wild on the components: UI, map rendering, search, routing, map loading
  • languages that are up to date/well established and with good OSM coverage
    • major: english, german, french, arab, portugeese, russ, chineese
  • only map layouts that are uptodate/maintained
    • no nightlayouts?

new tasks

  • new bugfixes
  • enhancements that might otherwise make Navit very hard to use and are simple to solve (e.g. improved map style)
  • unified cmake pipeline
  • remove unused files/settings
  • remove outdated docs
    • wiki cleanup
    • readme etc.
  • test releases (so release candidates for testing)

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