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How to use the search API of navit

First get a handle for searching, specifying the mapset in which the search should be performed.

 search_list=search_list_new(struct mapset *ms);

Then specify for what to search. The following attributes are supported by the search api, but not all might be possible with all maps attr_country_id (ISO numeric country ID),attr_country_iso2 (ISO 2 letter country id),attr_country_iso3 (ISO 3 letter country id) attr_country_car (Car country sign),attr_country_name (country name in the set language), attr_town_postal (Postal Code of a Town), attr_town_name (Name of a Town), attr_street_name (Name of a street) You can set partial=1 to search for partial matches

 search_list_search(search_list, &attr, partial);

Then you can query the result


If the result is NULL, the search is done and there are no more results

After the search for a country you can continue to search for a town

 search_list_search(search_list, &attr, partial);

and then for a street

 search_list_search(search_list, &attr, partial);

If you get several results in search_list_get_result and want to limit them for further searches, you can call

 search_list_select(search_list, attr.type, result->id, 1);

to pick a particular result.