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Currently our maintainer user:cp15 is the most central person in the project which leads to heavy load at one single point. Thus I like to suggest to the community to assist him on several tasks to give him more time on coding and fundamental project management.


non technical[edit]

  • create ressources (GFX, UI, translations, map styles...)
  • create enduser documentation
  • create dev documentation
  • give support to endusers
  • roadmap/release planning
  • public relations (share news, answer pr requests, ...)
  • promotion
  • manage new tickets (bug tracking, feature requests)
  • moderate user services (wiki, forum, trac, twitter, fb, irc, ...)
  • test releases
  • planning events
  • introducing new coders to the codebase/build toolchain
  • finances (aquiering donations)


  • maintaining servers and services (build, svn, maps, wiki, forum, trac, ...)
  • maintain codebase/coordinate edits
    • GUIs
    • GFX drivers
    • Map data backeneds
    • Search module
    • Routing
    • GPS backends
    • Speech
    • Configs
    • Bookmarks
    • Platform ports

What we can do[edit]


  • give support to endusers
  • wiki (incl. administration)
  • translation (german)
  • ticketing for bugs/feature reqs
  • ressource management(map icons, map style,configs,internal GUI menu)
  • release testing (Ubuntu/Debian, OpenPandora, maybe WinCE, maybe WinXP)


  • GUI code (GTK)
  • WWW code (Planet Extractor)
  • OSM map driver /maptool


  • give support to endusers
  • maintain TomTom port
  • release testing
  • debugging / bug fixes