Vehicle profile flags

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flags in vehicleprofile[edit]

vehicleprofile defines routing rules for navit. A road must at least have these flags to be considered for routing. The bit definition from navit/attr.h

0 (0x00000001): ONEWAY
1 (0x00000002): ONEWAYREV
2 (0x00000004): SEGMENTED
3 (0x00000008): ROUNDABOUT
4 (0x00000010): ROUNDABOUT_VALID
5 (0x00000020): ONEWAY_EXCEPTION
6 (0x00000040): SPEED_LIMIT
7 (0x00000080): RESERVED
8 (0x00000100): SIZE_OR_WEIGHT_LIMIT
10(0x00000400): TOLL
11(0x00000800): SEASONAL
12(0x00001000): UNPAVED
13(0x00002000): FORD
14(0x00004000): UNDERGROUND
15(0x00008000): /*unused*/
16(0x00010000): /*unused*/
17(0x00020000): /*unused*/
18(0x00040000): /*unused*/
19(0x00080000): DANGEROUS_GOODS   
20(0x00100000): EMERGENCY_VEHICLES
21(0x00200000): TRANSPORT_TRUCK   
22(0x00400000): DELIVERY_TRUCK    
23(0x00800000): PUBLIC_BUS        
24(0x01000000): TAXI              
25(0x02000000): HIGH_OCCUPANCY_CAR
26(0x04000000): CAR     
27(0x08000000): MOTORCYCLE        
28(0x10000000): MOPED             
29(0x20000000): HORSE             
30(0x40000000): BIKE              
31(0x80000000): PEDESTRIAN

As an example: 0x4000000 is for cars