Gpsd Troubleshooting

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Common Problems with gpsd include:

  • No support for it compiled in

Please check configure for

GPSD support: enabled

to make sure it includes support for gpsd and make sure is in your plugins directory. An indication that vehicle_gpsd is missing is also "vehicle_new:invalid type"

  • Include Files and Libraries don't match

Make sure they are from the same version of gpsd

  • Navit crashes when using gpsd

There is currently a bug in libgpsd that leads to crash in navit at random places. As a workaround, make sure you have no +r in your gpsd query string. This workaround prevens navit to create an nmea log, use gpspipe for that.

  • Check if you have the right version of gpsd installed. E.g. gpsdrive brings its own version of gpsd that is not compatible with Navit.
  • None from the above, but it still doesn't work


<debug name="vehicle_gpsd" level="9" />

to your navit.xml below or above the existing debug statement should give you more information what goes wrong.

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