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Under Settings we find:
Under Settings we find:
[[Image:Screenshot-5.png|thumb|Settings menu]]
# Display  
# Display  
# maps  
# maps  

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gui internal

Ok, first replace type="gtk" with type="internal" in the <gui .. /> tag in navit.xml.
(Re)start navit.
You'll see a screen with the map with more room for the map when compared to the gtk view.

Tick on the screen (I use an ipaq) and the screen switches to a menu.

gui internal menu

The menu has these items:

  1. Actions
  2. settings
  3. tools

Under Actions we find:

Actions menu
  2. wereldbol
  3. tandwiel
  4. town
  5. street
  6. quit
  7. abort navigation

Under Settings we find:

Settings menu
  1. Display
  2. maps
  3. vehicle
  4. rules

Under Tools we find:


Under Display we find:

  1. Layout
  2. window mode

Under Maps we find:

  1. Textfile
  2. Binfile
  3. Route
  4. Route_graph
  5. Navigation

Under Vehicle we find:

  1. User vehicle(s)

Under Rules we find:

  1. Stick to roads
  2. Keep orientation to the north
  3. Map follows vehicle
  4. Attack defenseless civilians