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The way a map and cursor (the thing that shows your current location) is rendered in Navit is controlled by the particular Layout which has been selected. As with almost everything else in Navit, Layouts are highly configurable. Below are user-submitted examples of Navit Layouts.

Adding a Layout

If you want to share a layout with other Navit users, please do so using this page. Leave this page as an introduction to your layout (use the other layout descriptions as a template), and link to a new page in the Layout/ namespace where you can include extra images and the relevant xml code

Alternate Layouts


Mapnik-style map layout

This layout tries to closely mimick the Mapnik rendering style used by default over at OpenStreetMap. It even uses the same icon styles where available (this means you will have to download the relevant icons - a link is provided).

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  • Cycle ways are more prominently displayed in purple
  • Routing is shown with a bright green line which is overlaid onto the road, rather than a fat blue line underneath it. Road names appear above the routing line.
  • Zoom settings for various POIs have been changed. For example, fuel station POIs are shown out to quite a far zoom level.
    • I have tried to make sure that POIs which will be most important to navigating drivers are prominently displayed, whilst those which are perhaps interesting but not very useful when navigating are less noticeable and/or only show up when zooming in closer. This is so that unhelpful POIs do not clutter up the map view.
  • Bus stops are shown with a blue ring, until zoomed in quite close when a proper icon is used.
    • There are a lot of bus stops everywhere, and the POI icon was cluttering up the map. The unobtrusive blue ring is still noticeable, but less annoying!
  • Mini-roundabout icons have been removed, and are now shown by black rings.
  • A few POI types which do not appear in maptool's osm.c (i.e. don't actually get converted from OSM and won't currently appear in the Navit data) have been removed.

Mapnik for small screens

Mapnik-style map layout for small screens. This image uses the OSD layout.

Based upon the original Mapnik style, these map layouts are optimised for devices with smaller screens. There are two layouts available:


  • Only for navigation important POIs are shown
  • Reduced the number of visible elements at higher zoom levels
  • Increased font sizes for town and street names

See also

This map layout was developed together with the OSD layout for Android. Check out the OSD layout for a simple download package to install both this map layout and the OSD layout, and all associated icons and POI image files.


Snow-style map layout

Snow style theme, optimised for the iPod/iPhone.

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Hi-Vis style layout

Trying to read a computer screen in full sun with aging eyes and sunglasses on while driving is difficult - this high-visibility layout attempts to address those problems.

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  • Cursor changes:
    • Enlarged
    • Different colour
  • Altered route colour
  • Street changes
    • street_1_city is brown with a beige border
    • street_2_city is brown with a black border
    • street_3_city is a orange with a grey border
  • Changed activation zoom levels for airport POI icons

Detailed Camping Biker

Layout Detailed Camping Biker.png


Many pois are visible like housenumbers, Camping, Restaurants, Bakerys, Shops for food, Peaks (with names), Unknown (points with names).
Tracks, Paths, hiking paths and so on have different colors to distinguish them. Go to layout


bike layout

because all other layouts are not displaying bike paths properly on winCE devices, i've rolled my own. it is simple and needs fixing and refining. most POI's are hidden - this is one of things which should be changed. it is also not independent from car layout - another problem

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  • bike paths visible green
  • less confortable but still fine roads are visible in brown
  • everything else is much like car layout
  • no dashed lines - suitable for winCE

Alternate Cursors

The cursor is also defined in the layout, and alternate cursors are shown below. If you would like to share your alternate cursor design, but haven't really changed the rest of the layout, add it below!

2D Car

2D car cursor

2D Car black for 10,2"


2D cursor tangoGPS-like

TangoGPS cursor.png

3D Arrow-head

Note that the screenshot below left was taken on an Android - not all graphics drivers support the drop shadow underneath the arrow, as shown by the screenshot from Navit on Windows Vista (<graphics type="win32"/>)

Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination
  3D Arrow-head cursor on Windows