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Developers may need to compile the source within the scratchbox environment. You need to have Scratchbox and the Nokia SDK installed. These are freely available from Maemo Place the source inside the scratchbox environment using

svn co

, log in to scratchbox, cd to the source directory and execute the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-binding-python --disable-gui-sdl --enable-avoid-float \
--enable-avoid-unaligned --enable-svg2png-scaling="32,48" --enable-svg2png-scaling-flag="32,48" \
make install

You may need to apply the following patch to automake, if fails with the following error:

am__fastdepOBJC does not appear in AM_CONDITIONAL

If you don't want/need the sample map then add --disable-samplemap to the above command.

As of SVN 1843 you need to get libgpsbt-dev before compiling. Execute fakeroot apt-get install libgpsbt-dev in scratchbox.

The above will build Navit along with pre-scaled icons. Prescaling the icons is known to greatly improve rendering of the gui/internal displays.

navit/xpm/navit_svg2png uses ksvg2png to pre-build the icons. If you don't have kde installed (which you wouldn't have inside scratchbox) then you will need to install librsvg2. Execute fakeroot apt-get librsvg2 in scratchbox. The Makefile in navit/xpm will automatically use one of rsvg-convert, ksvg2png or Inkscape, depending on which is installed in your development environment.

A debian directory is available so that you can build your own packages. Download and unpack in your top Navit source directory. Build a .deb file by using fakeroot ./debian/rules binary after running the initial autogen and configure at least once. The .deb file will appear in the directory above where you are. This works best after you have done at least one build using the full set of commands above.

To install librsvg2 inside Scratchbox require you to get the source code and install from there. I obtained mine from the Ubuntu sources. Unpack the directory and then do the usual ./configure && fakeroot make install inside Scratchbox. You need to do this ./configure && fakeroot make install for each Scratchbox target that you want to build with. This same process applies to other tools that you want to add the Scratchbox, e.g. ddd (symbolic debugger), splint (code checker), etc.

N900 notes

There is a bug in a maemo5 freetype library, that causes navit to segv. Fast workaround is to disable face caching in freetype plugin:

Index: navit/navit/font/freetype/font_freetype.c
--- navit/navit/font/freetype/font_freetype.c<->(revision 2912)
+++ navit/navit/font/freetype/font_freetype.c<->(working copy)
@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@
 #include <ft2build.h> 
 #include <glib.h> 
 #include FT_FREETYPE_H 
-#ifndef USE_CACHING 
-#define USE_CACHING 1 
+#ifdef USE_CACHING 
+#undef USE_CACHING 
 #include FT_CACHE_H 

Long way is to get the fresh freetype2 library(at least 2.3.10), build it statically under scratchbox and link with Navit, so Navit will use your version of freetype, instead of system one.

Maemo 5 introduced a new API for accessing GPS devices and Navit supports it as vehicle_maemo, which is disabled by default, don't forget to enable it. The <vehicle/> tag for maemo could be like this:

 <vehicle name="my n900" source="maemo://any" retry_interval="1">

  • Source could be:
    • any - user selected source
    • cwp - Complementary Wireless Positioning
    • acwp - Assisted Complementary Wireless Positioning
    • gnss - Global Navigation Satellite System (GPS)
    • agnss - Assisted Global Navigation Satellite System (A-GPS)

Recommended (and default) value - "any"

retry_int defines, how often location updates should be sent to navit, valid values are 1,2,5,10,20,30,60,120, measured in seconds. "1" second is a recommended and default value.

My configure line for n900 is:

configure --prefix=/opt/navit --disable-binding-python --disable-gui-sdl --enable-avoid-float --enable-avoid-unaligned --enable-svg2png-scaling="32,48,64" --enable-svg2png-scaling-flag="32,48,64" --enable-svg2png-scaling-nav="8,16,32,48,64" --disable-samplemap --disable-graphics-sdl --enable-debug --enable-vehicle-maemo