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This is a tutorial for unlocking Sony Nav-u devices in order to have them run Navit. For instructions on how to run and configure Navit for WinCE, please refer to the Windows CE page. Sony Nav-u devices run Windows CE, and can be tweaked to execute navit.exe.

In order to run Navit on your Sony nav-u device, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the following programs:
    • Mortscript [1]
    • Tooldevice.exe (this one you will have to find somewhere on the web. You can also write me a message, and I will send it to you)
  1. Hard-reset your device (reset button on bottom)to gain write-access.
  2. Connect your nav-u device to your computer via Activesync and USB and start it up.
  3. After connecting clik on "explore" in ActiveSync window (alternatively you can go to "mobile device" in Explorer).
  4. Browse to "Mounted Volume"
  5. Create Folder "Navit" and copy contents of into that folder
  6. Copy sirftech.exe into "Mounted Volume"
  7. Copy contents of into "Mounted Volume - Sony - nav-u"
  8. Copy Tooldevice.exe into "Mounted Volume\Sony\nav-u\
  9. Rename nav-u.exe to nav-u-original.exe (or any other name)
  10. Rename Autorun.exe to nav-u.exe
  11. create a text file named nav-u.mscr with the following content:

13. Replace the content of "Mounted Volume\Navit\navit.xml" with the following: