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This is a tutorial for unlocking Sony Nav-u devices in order to have them run Navit. For instructions on how to run and configure Navit for WinCE, please refer to the Windows CE page. Sony Nav-u devices run Windows CE, and can be tweaked to execute navit.exe.

In order to run Navit on your Sony nav-u device, follow the steps below:

Download unlock scripts

Download the following programs:

  • Mortscript [1]
  • Tooldevice.exe (this one you will have to find somewhere on the web)

Upload unlock scripts to the device

  • Hard-reset your device (reset button on bottom) to gain write-access.
  • Connect your nav-u device to your computer via Activesync and USB and start it up.
  • After connecting, click on "Explore" in the ActiveSync window (alternatively you can go to "Mobile device" in Explorer).
  • Browse to "Mounted Volume".
  • Create a folder called "navit" and copy the contents of the Navit package for WinCE (, see the Windows CE page) into that folder.
  • Copy sirftech.exe into "Mounted Volume".
  • Copy the contents of the bin/PPC from into "Mounted Volume\Sony\nav-u"
  • Copy Tooldevice.exe into "Mounted Volume\Sony\nav-u\"
  • Rename nav-u.exe to nav-u-original.exe (or any other name for backup)
  • Rename Autorun.exe to nav-u.exe
  • Create a text file (MortScript command script) named nav-u.mscr with the following content:
RunWait("\Mounted Volume\Sony\nav-u\ToolDevice.exe","off 18")
RunWait("\Mounted Volume\Sony\nav-u\ToolDevice.exe","off 15")
RunWait("\Mounted Volume\Sony\nav-u\ToolDevice.exe","on Serial")

Run ("\Windows\TestMode.exe")
Sleep (50)
Kill ("TestMode.exe")

# set volume to zero for system settings
Set Volume (0)

RunWait ("\windows\control.exe")
Runwait ("\Mounted Volume\Sirftech.exe")

# Set Volume to highest loudness for espeak.
SetVolume (255)

# Exit

While (TRUE)
RunWait ("\Mounted Volume\navit\navit.exe")
  • Replace the content of "Mounted Volume\navit\navit.xml" with the following: