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OSM Layout

Mapnik-style rendering


Navit configuration options
Tag Attribute Required Value Type Values Notes Example
navit center Y coords Either:
[D]DMM.SS[s][s] N/S [D][D]DMM.SS[s][s] E/W
[-][D]D.d[d]... [-][D][D]D.d[d]...
Map will be centred at these coordinates on startup. <navit center="4808 N 1134 E">
tracking Y boolean 0/1 When enabled (tracking="1"), the vehicle cursor will lock to the roads on the map. This is equivalent to selecting Settings -> Rules -> Lock on road in the internal gui. <navit tracking="1">
zoom Y integer 1 to ∞ Map will be zoomed in at this level on startup. 1 is zoomed in. <navit zoom="256">