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House numbers are being passed as POIs

* Shouldn't matter, search may not be able to see them as House Numbers - seeing them as POI's


* long ret=ov_read(&vf,pcmout,sizeof(pcmout),0,2,1,&current_section);

This reads up to 4096 bytes into a buffer, with signed 16-bit little-endian samples. Needs to be in ulaw for /dev/audio


PKG_CONFIG=arm-apple-darwin9-pkgconfig CC=arm-apple-darwin9-gcc 
./configure --host arm-apple-darwin9

 cmake -G Xcode -DUSE_UIKIT=1 -Dgraphics/cocoa=1 -DUSE_PLUGINS=0 -DBUILD_MAPTOOL=0 -DSAMPLE_MAP=0


  • MPH Units --Added in r4126
  • Long Distance Routing
  • GUI Editing of Navit.xml
  • Left hand road support
    • Mirrored Roundabouts -- here
  • User Definable Commands -aka "Turbo Boost" button
  • Maptool to use relation and polygons
  • House Number search
  • Multi-Volume binfiles to overcome FAT's 4GB file limit
  • Tunnel Extrapolation
  • Protobuf map-file support -- Added in r3846
  • Bookmarks with Prev / Next -- Added in r3803
  • Adjustable volume for TTS
  • Plays audio files for directions - WAV, MP3, OGG
    • question: as one file as reading from "xx:xx" to "yy:yy" or hundred of separately files? easier to fix separately file than editing one big. but worth thinking boyth ways
  • Place name when searching - e.g. Moycullen, Galway instead of Moycullen -- Added in r4467
  • "Short" routing - Dijkstra without taking route weighting into account
    • Can already be done by altering the vehicle profile. Not ideal, though
  • A GUI interface for waypoints - tegzed started one in #46.
  • POI Search

Voice files

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty Thirty Forty Fifty Sixty Seventy Eighty Nineteen Hundred In Metres Kilometres Miles Feet Yards Turn Left Right Take The Second First Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eigth Nineth Tenth Exit Into Onto Ramp Street Motorway Easily Strongly Gently Sharp Very Enter Roundabout Soon Leave It When Possible Please Around And Then Follow For Now You Have Reached Destination Recalculating Route Road Hello Smithers You're Quite Good At Turning Me On

Forums for support

Hi Nick, even the forum is pretty new, I like to introduce it to you, as you are interested in giving support, too: You can logon with wiki credentials and there in the long run, we might get a good collection of very common problems and thus we can offer better support. Would be cool, if you join in, or signup for the RSS feed :) --Usul (talk) 11:55, 9 June 2013 (CEST)