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Navit is an open source (GPL) turn-by-turn navigation software for many OS:

Desktop platforms

Mobile platforms


  • supports offline vector maps from different providers
  • display 2.5D bird view
  • customizable routing profiles
  • adress and POI search
  • spoken commands via TTS support
  • highly portable
  • easy to extend and embed

Navit on Asus eee, GTK Gui

see Device gallery

News edit

Feburary 2019 : Presenation at FOSDEM 2019 [1]

July 2018 : Wiki page for Navit on Mio C210 and C310

May 2017 : Navit is on Open Collective, just press the contribute button Opencollective

May 2017 : Wiki page for QA

January 2017 : Wiki cleanup ;)

December 2015 : Navit 0.5.0 is out!

August 2015 : We have released two Release Candidates for 0.5.0 : v0.5.0-rc.1 and v0.5.0-rc.2

July 2015 : We have moved the code to GitHub

December 2013: Thank you team for 2013 :)

October 2013: We are now also at the open F-Droid repository for Android

October 2013: We started a call for participation on translations. Do you speak chineese, portugese, french, spanish, russian or arabic?

August 2013: Fresh wind at N900 Maemo port and a new Dev (Kamikaaze!) for Android [2]

July 2013: The Trac is cleaned up and we working on a roadmap: Release000501

June 2013: We now update our services, in a first step, we have a new Forum

March 2013: Image of the week at OSM was NAVIT at OpenPandora

Press edit

  • September 2011: Navit reviewed by Sourcetrunk! Navit for Android has been reviewed in episode 75 of the Sourcetruck podcast!
  • June, 2010: Navit has its very own article in the German Linux User magazine.
  • January 19th, 2008: Navit has been featured as picture of the week on OpenStreetMap! Thank you guys!

Press room


Navit 0.5.3 is the latest stable Navit release. Download the source from Github, or download packages for your specific system.

Bleeding edge You can also download and build from source. If you have problems with these, consider contacting us.


See Basic configuration

Most of Navit's configuration options are changed by editing Configuration. A List of all config options is also available for power users. You can configure all aspects of Navit, including GUI, Navit looks and Map Layout.

Navit can use different Maps, including OpenStreetMap, Garmin maps and Marco Polo Grosser Reiseplaner maps. For a quick start, download a map from


Forum is your primary destination if you're having problems, or want to ask general questions about Navit. Check also the FAQ and wiki index.

Social media: At Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

To report bugs Before reporting a bug, please see Reporting Bugs for help and advice on creating a helpful bug report. TRAC can also be used for feature requests.

Developer Zone

Navit is written mostly in C (see Programming guidelines), and the Git repository is at:

git clone

For detailed informations please see: Development

If you feel that you can provide a positive contribution to Navit, please submit patches or a pull request

P.S. There is currently one external fork focused on the Android platform: ZANavi


Linux development
Raspberry Pi

Mobile Linux

Android development
Ångström development
OpenEmbedded development
Openmoko development
Scratchbox development
TomTom development

Windows / WinCe / Win Mobile

Windows development
WinCE development

Other Operating Systems

MacOS development
virtual appliance

Windows Phone 7