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The Menu of Navit has the following main views and settings for navigation and trips. This survey about the menu is not reflecting Navit's main menu resp. the structure of the Internal GUI. This wiki article highlights the main Use Cases and possible future application scenarios of an OpenSource navigation system for Offline usage especially with a Crowd Sourcing approach and Open Maps.

Navigation View[edit]

Seeing the Map and Current Location of GPS-Receiver. If a destination is set, the route is displayed in the map.

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Reality View[edit]

Augmented Reality can be used to have display routing support in a smartphone camera image. The Reality View Project is designed as a Navit extension (see Screenshot of Reality View).


A trip consists of a start point and a destination point. For a trip the estimated time can be calculated. Trips are useful for trip planing prior to the navigation. Without having the notion of trips explicitly in Navit the calculation of the duration and the distance for a trip is currently implemented from the current GPS location to destination. This is shown in the Navigation view if the GUI element is defined in the config file of Navit.


The bookmarks are used for start or destination point of routing.

Trip Bookmarks[edit]

Trips cannot be saved like bookmarks currently in Navit. A trip consist of Start and Destination Point. Together with the vehicle setting a trip has a property of average duration and distance. The average duration could be modified by real traffic data of the user stored locally on the mobile device for a more accurate tailored estimation for Weekdays, Month and Start time of the trip.

Return Trip[edit]

A return trip button swaps Start Point and Destination Point of a trip. This is not implemented in current version of Navit, but it can be realized with bookmarks.

Trip Bookmarks[edit]

Trip bookmarks consisting of Departure and Destination geo location cannot be saved. As departure location the current GPS location is used but not stored.

Settings of Navit[edit]


Different pre-defined maps can be loaded on the Mobile Device like on a SD-card on a smart phone for Offline usage. A list of loaded maps is currently not visible. Update button of maps e.g. from OpenStreetMap is not implemented (could increase the traffic on the map server)


Views are the setting of the navigation view of Navit.

Vehicle Properties[edit]

The properties of the vehicle determines the calculation of the duration of the trip. Furthermore the vehicle setting/pedestrian for reality view determines, if certain roads are accessible for the person navigating with the mobile device.

Settings of Internal GUI[edit]

The settings of Internal GUI of defined by an XML-File.

Use Cases and Menu Levels[edit]

  • the current menu structure of Navit in different levels is not reflecting the main application scenarios.
  • the current Internal GUI provides all necessary options for navigation.

The following main scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: I want to navigation from my current location to a destination (select a trip or a destination, go to navigation or reality view)
  • Scenario 2: I am at a certain location. Where are restaurants, parking, fuel, ... close to my current location or at destination? (select location and resources available at the selected location).
  • Scenario 3: I want to calculate the duration of a Trip from A to B while the user is currently at C.

The Crowd Sourcing scenarios:

  • Update OpenStreetMap data (eg. if a certain track is not available as street in OpenStreetMap, useful especially for developing countries)
  • Humantarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Application for humanitarian purpose, access to resource and risk mapping, disaster management.
  • Update a traffic jam report into a community memory of traffic events that might have an impact on the routing of the users.
  • report speed on your track for updating average speed on a certain street. This could be used for a more accurate estimation for the trip duration dependent on time and date of the trip.
  • Navit could be used as Risk Mapping Mobile Device for reporting risks invisible for users