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Normaly i have Navit installed on my smartphone and searching locations with Google maps or Navit. Mostly Google Maps because its mostly way faster. but when it goes to routing in car i just start my tomtom with really old maps and navigate with this one.

So why i am telling this?[edit]

Because i am working on NavitTom build a full Linux system for Tomtom. So even the old maps and the Tomtom software will be gone.

The Idea[edit]

When we have Navit running on NavitTom and the Smartphone why not sync them? The benefits:

  • We can create a route just on the smartphone and sync it to NavitTom.
  • Probably we can also sync maps by having a sync adapter which retrives the needed informations from the smartphone and sends them to the Navi
  • We can sync Notifications to the Navi to display then when wanted
  • We can use the Smartphone Mobile Data to retive traffic informations if user whants to.

How to do this?[edit]

There are two ideas how to make this happen.

First one whould be to write and standalone app to do the sync of notifications and the other stuff we need.

Second idea would be to use the existing code and build a sync interface for it. This could also be a separate app just with a different gui of even build into navit.