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We are very happy that you like to participate and help the team to improve Navit :) To make this teamwork a pleasure for all, we will try to guide you trough this process:


Make sure you are familar with our development, learned about the codebase and our guidelines. If you found a bug, please open a Trac ticket and bring up all details so others can check them and help you on isolating the defective code. Point out that you like to submit a patch.


  1. Checkout the codebase via SVN
  2. Find the bug (and please address only one issue per patch!) and try to fix it
  3. Test test test if still compiles and the behaviour is as expected
  4. Think about possible side effects (as performance, different settings, ...)
  5. Get the newest SVN Navit version and apply your changes once more
  6. Test if everything still works fine
  7. Create an SVN diff patch file
  8. Attach them to your Trac ticket
  9. Add 'patches' keyword to the ticket


It might take some time until somebody reviews the patch (maybe give a ping via Contacts). If your changes are more complex, catch up new ideas, or still have some minor problems, it might be discussed and we might ask you to submit an updated version/adapt your changes.

So that's it, you helped Navit to go one step forward. Thank you very much :)

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