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Linux User, sysadmin background. I'd like to use Navit on both my linux boxes and Android ones.

Willing to help as best I can, long time since I called myself a programmer. I have written quite a bit of user docs .....

Things I'd like to move on -

  • Bug #1222 - This makes for a failed install, perhaps only when we have a particular combination of other tools installed. I have suggested a very easy fix but no response.
  • Several doc things I think need fixing on the wiki (and I could do) -
  1. seems to talk about svn and sourceforge rather than github,
  2. Note that there does not seem to be any current prebuilt binaries/packages for linux. Wiki indicates there is.
  3. Make a bit clearer how to build from source. Grabbing a tar ball does not work as it does not have the Cmake files ?? Need to use SVN
  4. Need to add gpsd-dev as a (just about) requirement. Not too many people would use Navit without a GPS. Its far too easy to miss the "warning" about gpsd-dev not being found during build process.
  5. Wiki opening page could do with a link to the Linux build page, much as other OS's have links to how to get going.
  6. (todo) I find on one of my boxes, gpsd is not started correctly, while I have a tacky workaround, need to get a better fix and doc.
  7. (Now getting to space I don't understand yet) Love to see maptool documented in some way. Its a black box right now and I hate black boxes. But it does a really cool job ....
  8. Some instructions on how to use the user contributed layouts would be nice. And some observations about making your own. I am working on a layout more suited to sparely populated areas....
  9. NavitConfigurer - needs some docs too. Seems you can change an existing tag but not add a new one ?
  10. Messages to Admin (ie forum) seem to go to CP15 but he is apparently no longer active.

Anyway, lots of things I'd like to have a play with but I am not willing to make any changes unless I have talked them over with more knowledgeable people.