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This is Sascha Wüstemann, aka Killerhippy.

My attraction to small powerful devices started with the Sharp PC-1251 (or was it the Casio Digital armclock?). A pocket computer with 3.5 KB CMOS RAM free for programming BASIC and machine code later.

Currently I own an Asus Mypal A636N, meanwhile not available anymore from Asus and good support for this device has been available from Asus really never ever neither (which reduced my former asus fanatism nowadays). - But I am the lucky one, I didn't need support so far, so I can use it as I like.

I am running M$ Windows 2000 Professional virtual at virtualbox to talk to my asus pal, no matter what host operating system I currently using.

That's because I do not own a smart phone, yet. Maybe I won't ever. I don't know. And that's why I'd like to have a good navit running on my asus pal.

Regards from Braunschweig, Germany.