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This is about refactoring the menu to become more useful for usual users.


Navit is an offline GPS navigation system, that can used by a wide variety of users (drivers...pedestrians). Thus the user priorities are:

  1. Use on mobile devices
  2. Search for a destination and start routing to it
  3. Follow this route
  4. (without GPS) Browse the map for local POIs

It's not aiming at:

  • be an offline OSM catalogue: This can be done even better at desktops with webportals or offline clients
  • entertainment system


The following functionality is used by the enduser to get what he wants:

  • Turn on GPS
  • Search for an address
  • Search for an POI
    • Pick Category
  • Start routing towards destination
  • Alter route
    • add subdestinations
    • change vehicle


  • accoustic feedback if you pick an item
  • cursor should start at the first item and not within mainmenue
  • clear seperation between regular main menu and map click (context) menu