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Improving the (graphical) user interface to navit is key to improve the usability of our tool. We can split up this process into the single components:

Map style[edit]

  • einheitlichere Icons User:Usul/OwnMapIcons
  • Icons für Marken
  • Kartenstil mit Länderfärbung
  • Kartenstil mit Erkennung der Siedlungsdichte
  • Kartenstil je Verwendungszweck (Auto, Fahrrad, Wanderer, Max_Speed, ...)
  • Level of Detail wählbar/automatisch (Geschwindigkeit)
  • Antialiasing
  • permanente Karten-Mitbewegung


  • widgets immer mit Status sichtbar
  • labels mit vernünftigen Umbrüchen ggF. kürzen



POI info dialog[edit]


  • more friendly labels e.g "Planet IC (building)"
  • Menu and actions should be easily to recognise
  • Shorten labels "As destination", "As curr. position" "Add bookmark"
  • New action "Find similar POIs"
  • More metainfos: address, contacts, website/wikipedia (real links!), opening hours/collection times, operator, cuisine, fees, note/description, traffic restrictions (roads), heights (mountains, buildings, ...), internet_access

POI search dialog[edit]

This Dialog has been splitup into multiple dialogs
Mockup search start

Mockup subcategories

Mockup select POIs

  • most recent unit - show the last ones you searched for
  • grouped to Categories
    • Tourism
      • History (castles, monuments, ...)
      • Vacation(camp site, B&B, hostel, motel, hotel)
      • gastronomy (fast_food, pubs, cafe, clubs, restaurants)
      • Entertainment (theme parks, cinema, art, discoteq, swimming, golf, motortrack, parks, museum)
    • Traffic
      • bike (repair, parking, sharing)
      • car (repair, parking, sharing, fuel station)
      • bus (stops, stations)
      • tram
      • underground
      • trains
    • Sport
    • public service
      • toilets
      • library
      • public buildings
      • churchs
      • university
      • telephone
      • post office
    • shopping
      • bank
      • ATM
      • DIY
      • kiosk
      • alcohol
      • drug store
      • grocery
      • getränkemarkt
      • superstore/malls
    • emergency
      • pharmacy
      • doctors
      • dentist
      • veterenery
      • hospital
      • police
    • misc

The final dialog listing the found POI instances:
Mockup pick POI items

  • filter for e.g. operator, opening_hours, ...
  • filter for distance (city, county, state, ...)
  • "show all filtered on map" -> get a good overview where you can alter your route to check in at a single desired POI
  • heatmap to see where a high density of POIs is (e.g. boutiques in the city centre)
  • non physical POIs (internet_access, brand, ...)

Adress search dialog[edit]

  • most recent unit - show the last ones you searched for
  • "search in this city" button


  • improve control with keyboard
  • antialeasing
  • OpenGLES accelerated rendering