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Searching places in Wallonie, Belgium[edit]

Hi zaatlob, hopefully you see this. I finally worked out why all the places in Wallonie weren't coming up in the search within Navit, even though they had OSM is_in tags. It's because Navit only recognised the country "Belgium", but the is_in tags had the country "Belgique" or "Belgie" (the latter in Flanders). Navit thus couldn't work out what country the places were in, and ignored them. Anyway, I submitted a patch, and woglinde kindly applied it in r4155 on 13th February 2011. As a result, any maps downloaded from should have a fully searchable Wallonie! Korrosa 13:32, 16 February 2011 (UTC)

@Korrosa: thanks :D Did the oost-kantons also one of those names or dit they use Belgien ;)

@zaatlob: not sure what they use over there, but my patch makes Navit search for the following (in addition to Belgium): Belgique, Belgie, België and Belgien. This hopefully covers all possibilities!