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Building navit with CMake on different platforms:

Known limitations

* Samplemap building is not implemented yet
* Not everything is copied to the build directory, so navit may fail to start after build

Building on *nix systems


* CMake 2.6 or newer 
* modern gcc (and g++ for Qt)
* FreeType 2.3.10 or newer 
* Glib (optional, but highly recommended)
* zlib (optional, but highly recommended)
* libpng (optional, but highly recommended)
* gtk2 for gtk graphics and gtk gui
* Qt for qt graphics. With qt 4.7 or newer qml gui is available
* SDL for sdl graphics
* OpenGL for opengl graphics
* libgpsd


Get navit source code, create somewhere a directory for the build and then type

   cd /path/to/build/directory
   cmake /path/to/navit/source

with cmake -i youll be able to configure various build aspects

Building on windows

Building with MinGW

You'll need MinGW with development headers and libs and CMake 2.6 or newer. FreeType is a used library (but not really required, Stand 4. August 2011), so get it from the (32 bit) or (64 bit). It is recommended to download a pkc-config and gettext from the site, mentioned above. You may get full GTK2 download too, as you will be able to use a gtk graphics and gui. Qt graphics modules works fine too, but Qml gui have issues.

When build environment is ready, get the navit source code, create directory for build and issue following commands:

 cd drive:/path/to/build/directory
 cmake drive:/path/to/navit/source -G "MinGW Makefiles"