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Navit 0.3.0

(upcomming stable release)

Navit 0.2.0

Navit 0.0.5

Navit 0.0.4

This release contains a lot of bugfixes and other small improvements. If you want, have a look at the roadmap status for 0.1.0 :

Navit 0.0.3

Major improvements over 0.0.2 :

  • OpenStreetMap support has been greatly enhanced (navit now uses a binfile driver)
  • garmin support has been greatly enhanced (but routing is still being worked on)
  • some improvements for using navit under Openmoko (thanks to the OM contributors!)
  • map interaction in GTK : you can now 'slide' the map by pressing mouse and dragging map

And of course, a lot of bugfixes and other small improvements. See the full list for more details.

Navit 0.0.2

Three months after the first public release, we've bundled a new version of NavIt.

This release includes, amongst other things :

  • enhanced make install, with translations in 8 languages
  • better support for osm data, with new binfile format faster than old text driver
  • package building includes download of a osm sample map, so you can see how it looks and works without having to buy additional software
  • Improved configuration through navit.xml
  • new 'demo' vehicule which allows you to test NavIt, without even having a GPS!
  • the long awaited Garmin IMG driver
  • vehicle logging facility, so you can keep a log of your tracks and share them to OSM
  • several others bugfixes and enhancements. For a complete list, please see

We're also happy to announce our partnership with You will get 5% discount from them if you tell them that you're a NavIt user!