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You can contact Navit developers and frequent users for help or advice through a variety of methods. Though you can use any of the methods below, but the IRC channel will probably result the quickest response.

Contact Options


Come join us in the channel to ask questions, provide suggestions or generally hang out.


The forums can be found on the Sourceforge support pages for the Navit project. As with the mailing lists, there are two forums:

  • Help - For general help queries on installing, running or contributing to Navit. Please don't use this to report bugs - use Contacts#Trac instead.
  • General Discussion - For discussing Navit in general, such as new features or ideas for the roadmap.

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists.

  • navit-users - For help or advice, use the navit-users mailing list.
  • navit-commit - This is generally a read-only mailing list which will enable you to keep up-to-date with the latest commits to the Navit source in the subversion repository.


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Developers and Notable Users

You can check the list below to see if any of the developers or frequent users are using the same operating system or device as yourself. This will hopefully allow you to direct your questions to the right people and in the right location first time for a faster answer!

IRC Wiki Trac Contributions Devices OS's Contact via
cp15 cp15 cp15 Lead developer. Android, Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, WeTab and sometimes WinCE IRC
Number6 Number6 Number6 Developer. Navit planet-extractor. WinCE and OpenSUSE. Maptool server on Debian. IRC, wiki
Mineque Mineque Mineque OSD configurations Vista 32bit, built nightly from SVN. Ubuntu 64bit. IRC, forums, wiki, mailing lists
Dandor Dandor tegzed Developer. OSD speed-warner, odometer and stopwatch. Ubuntu. Previously built using cygwin also IRC
Korrosa Korrosa Korrosa User. Wiki overseer. Netbook Ubuntu 32bit (Netbook Remix edition) IRC, wiki