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You can contact Navit team and frequent users for help or advice through a variety of methods. Though you can use any of the methods below, but the IRC channel will probably result the quickest response.

Contact Options[edit]


To get support or discuss with developers, the easiest way is:
You need to login with your wiki credentials!


We are also on Discord with a Bridge to our IRC channel

Feel free to join:


Come join us in the channel to ask questions, provide suggestions or generally hang out.


As of late July, 2018, Freenode requires verification of user accounts (possibly in reaction to some spam incident). They have instructions for this. In short:

  • Connect with the nick of your choice but no authentication. You will get a message saying that you need to be identified with services.
  • Enter the following (replacing password with a password of your choice):
/msg NickServ REGISTER password
  • Check your email. You will receive a confirmation message with another line to type into the same chat session.
  • Now configure your IRC client to authenticate. The recommended method is SASL, for which Freenode has instructions available.


  • Use English. Whilst not a hard-and-fast rule, there are a variety of nationalities represented within the channel, and English has been chosen as the primary language of communication. If your English is non-existant (then how are you reading this?!) then try to ask in your native language, but don't expect to be answered in a timely manner (unless it's German...)
  • Be patient. There are usually a lot of people logged in, but most of these people are not constantly monitoring the channel. Ask a question, then wait patiently for a reply. If you know the person to which your questions should be directed, include their nickname in your message so that their chat window is highlighted.
  • Use the logs. If your question is not answered before you have to logoff, leave a message to say that you'll check the logs and hopefully someone will reply later on.

Mailing Lists[edit]

There were two mailing lists. One is specifically for helping users.

  • navit-users - For help or advice, use the navit-users mailing list.

Reporting Bugs/Feature Requests[edit]

Please see Reporting Bugs and Patches, if you like to contribute code.

Following Development[edit]

Github repository[edit]


Any new bug reports and commits to the Navit subversion repository are automatically announced in the #IRC channel.

Following Navit[edit]


On Twitter? Follow us at


Connect via LinkedIn:


A Facebook fan page can be found at