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This Document displays the requirements and implementation details of the navit dbus interface.

Navit Dbus details:

DBUS Service: "org.navit_project.navit"
DBUS Object Path: "/org/navit_project/navit"
DBUS Interface: "org.navit_project.navit"

Navit Dbus Methods:

Center map

Name: set_center
Args: (pro, x, y)
Returns: (none)

Set layout

Name: set_layout
Args: String: layout name
Returns: (none)


Name: zoom
Args: int f[, (int x, int y)]
Returns: (none)

Zooms into the map if f is positive, otherwise it zooms out. f has to be bigger than 1 or smaller than -1. In addition, x and y can be set to zoom into a special point on the screen.

Setting route destinations

Not Implemented

Name: setRoute
Returns: none

Getting current position (in coordinates)

Not Implemented

Name: getCurrentPosition
Args: (none)
Returns: coordinate (string)

Getting current speed (in kph/mph/fps)

Not Implemented

Name: getCurrentSpeed
Args: (none)
Returns: speed in kph/mph