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Official code


Releases can be downloaded from navit's project page on sourceforge :


If you want the bleeding-edge version of navit (recommanded) try the svn repository :

For the impatients, just use : svn co

Users contributed packages


If you want to install the svn version of navit on ArchLinux you can build it by using the PKGBUILD from AUR


Packages for lenny and sid, updated at least every night.

You can add one of the following line to you /etc/apt/sources.list:

* deb lenny main
* deb sid main


Ebuild available in the overlay sunrise


  • Get fresh compiled cvs snapshots here. (Updated every 2 day or on request).

You can add one of the following line to you /etc/apt/sources.list:

* deb gutsy main
* deb hardy main
* deb intrepid main
Note: The compiled packages are for i386 platform. If you are cunning X86_64, you will see no packages to install.


Packages for the eeePC, built from CVS on an irregular basis.