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= Compilation tools =
= Compilation tools =
* gettext-devel (provides autopoint)
* gettext-devel (provides autopoint)

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Compilation tools[edit]

  • gettext-devel (provides autopoint)
  • libtool (will install a bunch of other needed packages)
  • glib2-devel
  • cvs
  • python-devel

OpenGL GUI[edit]

cegui-devel freeglut-devel quesoglc-devel SDL-devel libXmu-devel

GPSD Support[edit]


GTK Gui[edit]

  • gtk2-devel

Speech support[edit]

  • speech-dispatcher-devel

Installing all dependencies[edit]

su -

yum install gettext-devel libtool glib2-devel cegui-devel freeglut-devel quesoglc-devel SDL-devel libXmu-devel gpsd-devel gtk2-devel speech-dispatcher-devel cvs python-devel saxon-scripts


Now continue and follow compilation instructions on: http://wiki.navit-project.org/index.php/NavIt_on_Linux