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It's located here: You will need the 'subversion' (svn) tool to install this driver.

You can search a map for your area at:

You can build your own from OSM data see:

Please give us feedback / bug reports/feature requests/success stories about this driver either in navit tracker or


First, get libgarmin from svn, and install it, as usual :

 svn co libgarmin
 cd libgarmin

And, as root :

 make install

How to build the driver

Be sure to update navit to latest SVN

reconfigure and build navit.

 cd ../..
 ./ && ./configure && make

Configure your map source

Now add your first garmin map to navit.xml (see Configuration)

        <mapset enabled="yes">
                <map type="garmin" enabled="yes" data="/path/to/gmapsupp.img"/>

Where you can give it either dskimg file (gmapsupp.img) or a .tdb file

Note that only one mapset may be enabled, so if your existing navit.xml has another mapset enabled (default), you need to disable it by setting

        <mapset enabled="no">

You also need to add

        <plugin path="$NAVIT_PREFIX/lib/" ondemand="no"/>

to the plugins section on the top of navit.xml

Install a free basemap from Garmin

You can download a free base map from garmin.

After you get GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx.exe, unzip it to some temporary directory. In GMobileCard/Garmin directory you will find a file called gmapbmap.img. Copy that file in some location for later use, let's say /mymaps/gmapbmap.img . Now you can remove the temporary directory. And register the map in your navit.xml

    <mapset enabled="yes">
           <map type="garmin" enabled="yes" data="/mymaps/gmapbmap.img"/>