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The Internal Gui is designed to be used on small devices such as the Nokia NSeries tablets or OpenMoko devices. It is still in heavy development and as such some features are either not yet fully implelmented yet or are not functoning. The purpose of this page is to give a "preview" of what the internal gui looks like so a new user can get a basic understanding of how it is supposed to work.

Start Up

When Navit is first started using the Internal Gui one should see (depending on the skin you have selected to use) something similar to the image below.


Main Menu

The main menu is accessed by a single click (or tap for touch screen) anywhere on the map. From here all other sub-menus and actions are accessible.


The sub menu items are:

  1. Internal_Gui#Actions
  2. Internal_Gui#Settings
  3. Internal_Gui#Tools
  4. Internal_Gui#Routes


The Actions Menu brings up several sub menus that is focused primarily on routing and location finding.


The sub menu items are:

  1. Internal_Gui#Bookmarks
  2. Internal_Gui#World
  3. Internal_Gui#Vehicle
  4. Internal_Gui#Town
  5. Internal_Gui#Quit


Bookmarks provide a convenient way to store often used destinations.



The glob represents the location on the map that was just clicked. There are several actions that can be taken from this sub menu.



The vehicle icon brings up the Vehicle Position sub menu. This sub menu allows for various actions to be taken for the GPS position of the device.



The town icon allows for searching for different cities within your map set. Once a town is located and selected another sub menu will come up allowing for a street to be found within that town.



Closes Navit.


The settings menu provides several sub menus to allow for certain aspects of how Navit operates to be modified. Note that at this time there is only a limited set of options that can be changed through these sub menus. In order to change settings not currently available in this sub-menu it is necessary to modify the navit.xml file. At some point in the future a more robust settings menu will be implemented that will allow for configuring Navit through a gui instead of the navit.xml file.


The sub menu items are:

  1. Internal_Gui#Display
  2. Internal_Gui#Maps
  3. Internal_Gui#Vehicle
  4. Internal_Gui#Rules



Layout allows for different layout options specified in the navit.xml file to be shown on the map. Different layouts can be used for different reasons including allowing one to see other friends position (if their GPS data specified in the layout tag). Note that layout options MUST be enabled in the navit.xml file before they can be turned on or off in this menu. The three items in the screen shot below are layout options listed in the navit.xml file but are currently disabled in the navit.xml file.


Window Mode

Changes Navit from Windowed Mode to Full Screen and vice versa. Note that this can also be accomplished from the map itself using the "window" icon.


This is a toggle button that enables / disables drawing the map in either a 2D mode or a 3D mode. Currently the only way to modify the "tilt" for the 3D mode is to modify the navit.xml file.


Displays the maps that are specified in the navit.xml file and allows for enabling/disabling those maps.


Brings up a menu showing what GPS device is currently being used for the current vehicle.


The rules menu provides for options that change how Navit behaves when there is a satellite lock. Note that some of these items are currently not function and must be changed in the navit.xml file.



Currently a non functional menu item.



Height Profile