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Please see [[Talk:Navit on MacOS]].
Please see [[Talk:Navit on MacOS]].

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Here are some notes about running navit under Apple Mac OSX.

What you will need

You need Xcode Tools and MacPorts in order to install navit.

MacPorts developers suggest to install Xcode Tools from http://developer.apple.com/tools/xcode/ and not from the Mac OSX install disk.

Make sure you don't have fink installed on your system, it can confuse MacPorts package building and installation.


You should only need gtk2 and glib2 via macPorts


Untested yet.

Installation instruction

Download Xcode Tools from http://developer.apple.com/tools/xcode/ and install it with X11 SDK

Download and Install MacPorts from http://www.macports.org/, or update your version

 sudo port -d selfupdate

Open up a terminal

make sure your PATH variables has /opt/local/bin and /opt/local/sbin in it:

 echo $PATH 

Install automake, wget, libtool, gpsd (if you want gps support), gtk2 and glib2 (for gkt GUI) with

 sudo port install automake wget gpsd gtk2 glib2 libtool

Download navit or checkout it from SVN

  svn co https://navit.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/navit/trunk/navit navit

You may also need a header file to handle endian issues (for PPC only)

wget https://navit.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/navit/tags/R0_1_0/navit/projs/CodeBlocks/Win32Extra/byteswap.h

Edit configure.in and add

 -I/opt/local/include -L/opt/local/lib

to the CFLAGS variable and add

 -I/opt/local/include/gtk-2.0 -L/opt/local/lib

to the GTK2_CFLAGS variable; oh wait, there is no GTK2_CFLAGS variable in this file.


 LIBS="$LIBS -lm -rdynamic"


 LIBS="$LIBS -lm"

(on some systems, the "-rdynamic" option ensures that the executable has it's global symbols put into the symbol table. This is already the default behavior on darwin.)

Edit autogen.sh and change




If you want to install navit along the MacPorts packages, you need to use the /opt/local directory as prefix:

 ./autogen.sh && ./configure --prefix=/opt/local

--Dctucker 03:29, 10 July 2009 (UTC) I had good results getting everything to compile after installing a bunch of ports using the following configure line:

 ./configure --prefix=/opt/local --enable-graphics-gd --enable-svg2png-scaling --with-svg2png-use-rsvg-convert --enable-graphics-qt-qpainter



to build NavIt, and

 sudo make install

to install it.

Then, you may edit and adapt your navit.xml file (the jokers of the original file are not supported)

--Dctucker 06:49, 12 July 2009 (UTC)I didn't have to do this on Leopard.

You may need to replace the <plugins> section of your navit.xml file by

 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/binding/libbinding_python.dylib"/>
 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/data/libdata_binfile.dylib"/>
 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/data/libdata_mg.dylib"/>
 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/data/libdata_poi_geodownload.dylib"/>
 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/data/libdata_textfile.dylib"/>
 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/graphics/libgraphics_gtk_drawing_area.dylib" />
 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/graphics/libgraphics_null.dylib" active="no"/>
 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/gui/libgui_gtk.dylib" />
 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/osd/libosd_core.dylib" />
 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/speech/libspeech_cmdline.dylib" />
 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/vehicle/libvehicle_demo.dylib" />
 	<plugin path="/opt/local/lib/navit/vehicle/libvehicle_file.dylib" />

and if you want to use the sample maps installed, you may need to change the maps' path

<mapset enabled="yes">
 	<map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="/opt/local/share/navit/maps/osm_bbox_11.3,47.9,11.7,48.2.bin"/>


If you want (spoken) directions, get espeak from http://espeak.sourceforge.net, install as advised and use the following snippet in your navit.xml:

          <speech type="cmdline" data="speak -vde+f4 '%s'"/>

This will tell speak to use a female (f) german (de) voice.

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Please see Talk:Navit on MacOS.