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Installing Navit on the Nokia n770/n800/n810

General instructions

  1. Install Navit. There's a Maemo project which provides some (currently rather dated) binaries. Alternatively, there are some "bleeding edge" binaries available in the download section.
  1. Get maps. It is possible to use Garmin maps, but maps of openstreetmap, a wiki like world map, also should do a good job. There are several sources where you can download Navit maps based on openstreetmap data. Save them anywhere on your device, e.g. somewhere on the flash memory.
  1. Configure Navit. Search for the file navit.xml as superuser root. Replace the path to the map file to fit your device and configuration:

<mapset enabled="yes"> <map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="/media/mmc2/map/planet.bin"/> </mapset>


Compiling Navit from source

Developers may need to compile the source within the scratchbox environment, which currently (2008-12-20) will not compile out of the box. You need to have Scratchbox and the Nokia SDK installed. Place the source inside the scratchbox environment, log in to scratchbox, cd to the source directory and execute the following commands:

./ ./configure --disable-binding-python --disable-gui-sdl --disable-samplemap --enable-avoid-float --enable-avoid-unaligned make make install

Others have used slightly different options for configure:

  • ./configure --prefix=/home/user/navit --disable-garmin --disable-samplemap --disable-hildon --disable-binding-python --disable-graphics-sdl --disable-gui-sdl --disable-postgresql --disable-svg2png
  • ./configure -q -enable-hildon -disable-binding-python -disable-gui-sdl -disable-samplemap -enable-avoid-float -enable-avoid-unaligned -prefix=/usr

BTW: The Hildon support seems not to be that perfect yet.

Some additional details (Nov 28, 2008): I spent an evening getting Navit working on my N800, here are what else you need to do on Diablo with a Bluetooth GPS

  1. Install bluez-utils-test, have to get this from a Chinook repository for now
  2. Follow the instructions here [1]
  3. Change your navit.xml vehicle definition to use file:/dev/rfcomm0 instead of gpsd

Now each time you start Navit, the GPS connection gets made for you. This avoids workarounds such as starting Map or gpsview. --Gerritv 14:13, 29 November 2008 (CET)