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Notice: Navit will soon remove all support for autotools. If you are compiling Navit yourself, please switch to CMake.


Navit Wiki

Navit is an open source (GPL) car navigation software for Linux, Windows systems and portable devices. It will display your position on a map (in bird-view mode or as a 3D "visualization") from GPS sensor data, and can provide precise route calculation, touch screen functionality and supports Points of Interest (POI), which can be extended via an easy to use plugin system. Unlike other navigation systems, Navit maps are dynamically generated in real time from vector data.


September 2012: Major routing issue fixed! The recently implemented route_depth attribute by dev. trygagin is a long awaited fix for ticket #456. Prior to it, routing over high distances could be insufficient due to disregarded routes. The up-to-date navit.xml provides a standard value. The perfect value for each vehicle profile, however, is still to be found and further improvement needed. Share your experience or profit from other comments on

July 2012: Vehicle profile now working: The scheme has been in navit.xml for ages, but didn't work until rev. #5192. It allows you to set the speeds more accurately and more differentially for each road type. If your navit.xml is outdated, make sure to update it as there are two additional new vehicle profiles. One for the shortest route and one to avoid tolls.

May 2012: Android: A recent change in the source for the Android port has resulted in a flood of verbal directions. The change in the source automatically loads all *.bin files located in /sdcard/navit/, irrespective of their inclusion in navit.xml. If you are having issues, please remove all mapsets from your navit.xml. For more info, see #1039.



  • September 2011: Navit reviewed by Sourcetrunk! Navit for Android has been reviewed in episode 75 of the Sourcetruck podcast!
  • June, 2010: Navit has its very own article in the German Linux User magazine.
  • January 19th, 2008: Navit has been featured as picture of the week on OpenStreetMap! Thank you guys!

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Navit running internal gui with osd display, an OSM map and Wifi POI from FON


Navit 0.2.0 is the latest stable Navit release. Download the source from Sourceforge, or download packages for your specific system.

Your system not shown in the link above? Check our wiki for other systems.

Bleeding edge builds are available in the svn folder for your specific platform. You can also download and build from source. If you have problems with these, consider contacting us.

It is highly recommended to use latest SVN.


Most of Navit's configuration options are changed by editing navit.xml. A full list of options is also available for power users. You can configure all aspects of Navit, including how Navit looks and behaves, and how maps appear in Navit. You can also choose between existing OSDs, which are already available for many screen resolutions.

Navit can use a variety of map sources, including OpenStreetMaps, unlocked Garmin maps and Marco Polo Grosser Reiseplaner maps. For a quick start, download a map from Navit Planet Extractor.


The Navit IRC channel is your primary destination if you're having problems, or want to ask general questions about Navit.

To report bugs Navit uses Trac. You can also use Trac for feature requests. Before reporting a bug, please see Reporting Bugs for help and advice on creating a helpful bug report.

A full list of contact details is available on the Contacts page.

Check also the FAQ and wiki index.

Developer Zone

Navit is written mostly in C, and the code is automatically documented using doxygen. To get started quickly, checkout a copy of the source from SVN:

svn co navit

To see who's currently helping to develop Navit, see the Navit members and contributors page.

Patches for bugs or new features are very much encouraged, and can be submitted via Trac.

If you feel that you can provide a positive contribution to Navit, ask in IRC for SVN access - it's usual for developers to submit a few patches (to check credentials) before SVN access is granted. If/once you get access, please ensure that you have read the SVN guidelines before committing changes.

Documentation of the codebase is pretty sparse on this wiki. What documentation is available is noted in the wiki index.

Latest SVN Activity

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Navit on Linux

Windows / WinCe / Win Mobile

Navit on Windows
Navit on WinCE/Windows Mobile
Compiling Navit for WinCE/WinMobile

Mobile Linux

Navit on Android
Navit on Ångström
Navit on freerunner
Navit on n770/n800/n810
Navit on OpenEmbedded for n810
Navit on Scratchbox for N8x0
Navit on TomTom
Navit on webOS

Other Operating Systems

Navit va