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February 2013: New tools around the block We are currently working on using better tools to let you participate on the NAVIT story:

As you can see, things changing, we will try to get away from and make use of more modern tools. We are thinking about refactoring the VCS structures and maybe to switch to a different system. But please note, that this is still WIP, we need YOU to resurrect this technologies :)

January 2013: Code changes At the very first weeks of the year user:cp15 was working on fixing a lot of bugs. That included refactoring and bringing some translations up to date. A few small new features include that Dbus can now handle housenumbers or that the OSD compass can now run commands.

December 2012: Wiki cleanup As a early present, some guys currently work on cleaning up the wiki. This includes structures, use of Mediawiki technologies, creating new pages etc. If you have experiences in the source, feel free to join in and helping us to update the docs in the wiki!

September 2012: Major routing issue fixed! The recently implemented route_depth attribute by dev. tryagain is a long awaited fix for ticket #456. Prior to it, routing over long distances could be insufficient due to disregarded routes. The up-to-date navit.xml provides a standard value. The perfect value for each vehicle profile, however, is still to be found and further improvement needed. Share your experience or profit from other comments on #456.

July 2012: Vehicle profile now working: The scheme has been in navit.xml for ages, but didn't work until r5192. It allows you to set the speeds more accurately and more differentially for each road type. If your navit.xml is outdated, make sure to update it as there are two additional new vehicle profiles. One for the shortest route and one to avoid tolls.

May 2012: Android: A recent change in the source for the Android port has resulted in a flood of verbal directions. The change in the source automatically loads all *.bin files located in /sdcard/navit/, irrespective of their inclusion in navit.xml. If you are having issues, please remove all mapsets from your navit.xml. For more info, see #1039.