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January 2017 : Wiki cleanup ;)

August 2015 : We have released two Release Candidates for 0.5.0 : v0.5.0-rc.1 and v0.5.0-rc.2

July 2015 : We have moved the code to GitHub

December 2013: Thank you team for 2013 :)

October 2013: We are now also at the open F-Droid repository for Android

October 2013: We started a call for participation on translations. Do you speak chineese, portugese, french, spanish, russian or arabic?

August 2013: Fresh wind at N900 Maemo port and a new Dev (Kamikaaze!) for Android [1]

July 2013: The Trac is cleaned up and we working on a roadmap: Release000501

June 2013: We now update our services, in a first step, we have a new Forum

March 2013: Image of the week at OSM was NAVIT at OpenPandora