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Without maps, any satellite navigation software is useless. Fortunately, Navit can use a variety of maps from a number of sources.

Quick Guide

The following matrix shows at-a-glance the features that each supported map type has.

Map Format Browsing Searching Routing Driver status Data age
OpenStreetMap Yes Yes Yes Active Current
Garmin maps Yes No No Dead Current
Grosser Reiseplanner Yes Yes Yes Frozen >3 years
Routenplanner Yes Yes Yes Frozen >4 years

Worldwide Coverage


OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a worldwide mapping project to which anybody can contribute - a bit like a Wikipedia, but with maps. As such, all data is user-contributed, which can make for some super fine detail in certain areas. To see how well covered your area is, go to - if coverage is poor, consider signing up and contributing yourself!

To get started quickly using OpenStreetMap maps in Navit, go to the Navit Planet Extractor and download a map extract for your area. For more detailed information, see the dedicated Navit OpenStreetMap wiki page.

Garmin Maps

Libgarmin is an experimental open-source Garmin map driver which can be used by Navit. There are a number of sites from which you can download Garmin maps (including OSM-derived Garmin maps), or you can use your own Garmin map as long as it is unlocked.

Note that Navit cannot provide routing information when using Garmin maps. For more detailed information, including how to setup Navit to use Garmin maps, see the dedicated Navit Garmin Maps wiki page.

Continental Coverage


Marco Polo Grosser Reiseplaner

Marco Polo Grosser Reiseplanner are extremely detailed digital maps of Europe, split into 5 regions (with Germany having its very own region!). These maps where the first map types which Navit supported.

Note that Navit can only read Grosser Reiseplanner versions 2002/2003 to 2007/2008. Newer versions are currently incomptible with Navit.For more detailed information, including how to setup Navit to use Grosser Reiseplanner, see the dedicated Navit European maps wiki page.

Routenplaner Europa 2007

Similar to the Grosser Reiseplanner maps, but with low detail outside major European cities. The advantage over Grosser Reiseplanner maps is that Routenplaner Europa 2007 costs under €10! For more details, see the dedicated Navit European maps wiki page.

User-Created Maps

It is possible to create your own 'maps' for use in Navit. This is useful, for example, to show your own list of POIs. You can also show your own ways and areas.

Navit textfile

Navit has its own textfile map driver, enabling a user to compile a quick list of POIs and get them displayed in Navit. Note that the textfile map can also include ways and areas, not just points. Each item in a textfile can be a different object.

The format is useful for building personal lists of locations, which may not be in the map data you are using to route.

Navit csv

Navit has its own csv map driver, which is capable of reading a large variety of csv files. Each item in a particular csv file must be the same, thus a csv file could contain a list of fuel stations or hotels, but not a mix of the two. This map driver is especially useful for the speed_cam OSD item, as it can be used to load IGO8 csv files.

A csv file can only hold points.

Converting other formats

GPX to Navit textfile

Navit textfile to Navit binfile

reverse lookup

reverse phone lookup cell