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POI as Navit Text maps

You can display Points of Interest as a Navit map. Therefore was built a utility called gpx2navit_txt which converts gpx files to navit text map-Files. It is possible to convert waypoints and tracks.

Insert the text map Files into the navit.xml like this:

        <mapset enabled="yes">
               <map type="textfile" enabled="yes" data="/home/andi/osm_maps/navit_poi.txt"/>
               <map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="$NAVIT_SHAREDIR/maps/osm_bbox_11.3,47.9,11.7,48.2.bin"/>

and you will get the poi-data on the map.

That will look like this:

Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination


If nothing is displayed

* check the area of the map
* check if the items of the textfile are defined in your navit.xml
* this is also true for tracks
* check if the xpm-Files are defined and accessible

For example imagine:

* in the text-map you converted with gpx2navit_txt is a type poi_gc_multi for a Multicache
* Then the navit symbol will be gc_multi and has to be defined in navit.xml (see for example poi_airport)
* the xpm file (normally under /usr/local/share/navit/xpm) gc_multi.xpm must be present
* for track-display the type is track and track must be defined in navit.xml