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  • International: user:number6 (press relation) via number6 AT
  • D-A-CH: user:cp15 (maintainer) via cp15 AT


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01 Dec 2014 Flag of the United States.svg.png (en) How to Build a GPS Navigation PC in Linux on ProvidentEngineering's blog


09 Sept 2011 Flag of the United States.svg.png (en) Manuel Hohmann's slides from State of the Map Baltics and the related video


09 Sept 2011 Flag of the United States.svg.png (en) Navit for Android has been reviewed in episode 75 of the Sourcetruck podcast!

30 Aug 2011 Flag of the United States.svg (en) Navit: a map and navigation program BY VINH NGUYEN


03 Mar 2010 Flag of the United States.svg (en) The H - CeBIT 2010: German police to use open source Navit navigation - Update Article about the German district of Brandenburg who are trialling Navit for its Police System.

31 Sept 2010 Flag of Germany.svg (de) Linux Magasin - Open-Source-Navigation mit Navit - Richtungweisend


30 Jun 2009 Flag of the United States.svg.png (en) - Open Source Turn by Turn iPhone App using Open Street Maps - Navit Setting up Navit on the iPhone.


20 Sept 2008 Flag of the United States.svg.png (en) In-car navigation with OpenStreetMap data


06 Nov 2007 Flag of Germany.svg.png (en) coldtobi's blog - Opensource Navigational Solution Released: NavIT! General overview of Navit.

18 Sep 2007 Flag of Germany.svg.png (en) totalueberwachung - navit on neo1973 Screenshot of Navit running on a Neo1973.


18 Sep 2007 Flag of France.svg.png (fr) Journal de esever - linux et la navigation gps



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