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=Gtk GUI=
=Gtk GUI=
[[image:navit-liberation.png|GTK gui, standard desktop]]
[[image:navit-liberation.png|GTK gui, standard desktop]]
On windows 32, using (preliminary) dutch language file
[[image:navit_win32_dutch.JPG|GTK gui on Windows XP (dutch), standard desktop]]

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If you use navit, share with us your screenshots! We are interested in captures of navit on any platform, with any language. Please, for legal reasons, post only screenshots using OpenStreetMaps. Thank you!

Also, better than screenshots for embedded device can be photos of navit on the device.

How to share a screenshot

Easy as in 1 2 3 :)

  • 1: Upload your screenshot, via the "upload file" link on the left
  • 2: Add any additionnal informations as you see fit (platform, map area, feature you wanted to highlight...
  • 3: Add your screenshot to this page, here is a sample :
[[image:navit-liberation.png|800px|2D Map]]


GTK gui, standard desktop

On windows 32, using (preliminary) dutch language file GTK gui on Windows XP (dutch), standard desktop


CEGUI, in bird view mode

Other screenshots

Navit on OpenMoko