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  • ...that they have designed and provide a way to share those layouts to other users. Feel free to add your own completed layout to this page. As the number of ...hare/navit" to your home directory "/home/user/.navit" where "user" is the username you log into your computer with. Then to make changing OSD layouts, you
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  • with [[CMake]] seems to be the only way to create a runnable binary in Windows. and can improve the instructions. --[[User:Nop|Nop]] 13:01, 7 November 2010 (UTC)
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  • ...tional data (suchas a USB GPS device), and how to present that data to the user on the map, where the vehicleprofile defines all aspects of routing. Windows:
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  • * The first argument supplied on the command line, e.g.: navit /home/myusername/navittestconfig.xml * The navit.xml file in ~/.navit/navit.xml : e.g : /home/myusername/.navit/navit.xml. This is probably to best place to customize your sett
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  • [[WinCE]] users require a slightly more verbose line: [[Android]] users may need to explicitly specify the size of the images for this osd item.
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  • ...age UI framework], therefore it could be run on any Qt platform, including mobile platforms with touchscreens etc * '''"0" - Start Navit in windowed mode (default)'''
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