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  • |[[User:Cp15]]||maintainer, server admin, dev, ...||Martin Schaller |[[User:KaZeR]]||trac admin, launchpad admin|| Pierre Grandin
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  • * GUI (enables user interaction and map display) * '''sdl''', render inside an X window, or direct to the Linux framebuffer, with min dependencies on external libr
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  • a given control should react to a user input (is it a button? is it a window?) <Window Type="NavitGrey/RightPanel" Name="RightPanel" >
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  • #Window mode # User vehicle(s)
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  • ...that they have designed and provide a way to share those layouts to other users. Feel free to add your own completed layout to this page. As the number of ...hare/navit" to your home directory "/home/user/.navit" where "user" is the username you log into your computer with. Then to make changing OSD layouts, you
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  • ...the most common options which a first-time user may want to change - power users may want to consult [[Configuration/Full_list_of_options | the full list o It is also possible to edit the navit.xml file for your Android device under Windows and Linux (Debian/Ubuntu derivates) with a third party application called
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  • ==Building on windows== {{merge|Windows development}}
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  • You can contact Navit [[team]] and frequent users for help or advice through a variety of methods. Though you can use any of As of late July, 2018, Freenode requires verification of user accounts (possibly in reaction to some spam incident). They have [https://f
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  • * The first argument supplied on the command line, e.g.: navit /home/myusername/navittestconfig.xml * The navit.xml file in ~/.navit/navit.xml : e.g : /home/myusername/.navit/navit.xml. This is probably to best place to customize your sett
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  • [[WinCE]] users require a slightly more verbose line: [[Android]] users may need to explicitly specify the size of the images for this osd item.
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  • with [[CMake]] seems to be the only way to create a runnable binary in Windows. and can improve the instructions. --[[User:Nop|Nop]] 13:01, 7 November 2010 (UTC)
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  • time the user would like a route for that particular destination the user only has to select it from the Bookmarks menu and does not have to go throu ...r options that allow for specifying the types of POIs to be displayed. The user can click on the POI and select to be routed to that location. Navit will c
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  • ...ination.txt. This text file stores the most recent destinations set by the user in Navit.<br /> Defaults to &infin;, if tag isn't set. | When the user scrolls the map, it stays there. After <tt>timeout</tt> number of GPS updat
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  • Copy /etc/navit/navit.xml to /home/user/.navit/navit.xml and adapt this file below the home directory. ## For European users, [[Marco Polo Grosser Reiseplaner]] could be a choice, as the project will
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  • * '''"0" - Start Navit in windowed mode (default)''' This takes a number, which is the desired width/height of the GUI window, in pixels
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  • ...tional data (suchas a USB GPS device), and how to present that data to the user on the map, where the vehicleprofile defines all aspects of routing. Windows:
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  • ...lmost everything else in Navit, Layouts are highly configurable. Below are user-submitted examples of Navit Layouts. If you want to share a layout with other Navit users, please do so using this page. Leave this page as an introduction to your
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  •, the menu offers a variety of configuration options to better suite the user. ...nd='fullscreen==1' src='gui_leave_fullscreen' onclick='fullscreen=0'><text>Window Mode</text></img>
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  • This program runs in userspace, so no "installation" is necessary. qemu] and install it, using these [ instructions].
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  • ...power users who'd like to fiddle a little more under-the-hood. The average user can safely ignore this section! use a file system where file names are not encoded with UTF-8 (such as Windows), Navit will only find files for ASCII text. If you use a language that us
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