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How to gain TMC Data

The TMC Data is hidden inside the RDS Signal. It contains a location and a event. The event could be something like "traffic jam in the following 5km"

Sample Devices

Problems with TMC

In the order of the biggest to the lowest problem (one means biggest problem)

  1. TMC location code table is not good to match with the maps
    1. coverage of TMC is zero in all countries except Germany with 2%
    2. It could not (really) automatically merged
  2. Navit currently has no traffic providers
  3. Every location code table and event code table must be obtained separately

Idea how to get TMC Data inside Navit

Extend the NMEA Data to have a custom tag called "PTMCA" witch must defined later. PTMCA stands for "Proprietary TMC announcement". The P in front is because its common and stands for proprietary. The TMC is because its TMC data. And the A is the type, in this case "announcement".

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