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Internal GUI displays 3D

Under the gui, it states that "the cegui/opengl gui (must be used for 3D view. possibly broken)". Not wanting to use the ce gui, I changed the xml file to use the internal gui. When I launched navit, I noticed an option in the settings to use a 3D view and - lo and behold! - it worked. Is this a new feature for the internal gui? Either way, the instructions should be updated (I'd do it, but I'm brand new to navit and I wouldn't want to lead anyone astray!) Mrmerlot 03:12, 27 May 2009 (CEST)

Invalid URL form

The Vehicle section contains the following examples for the source attribute:

  • source="file://mynmea.log" : here, navit will replay the nmea logfile mynmea.log
  • source="file:/dev/ttyS0" - /dev/ttyS0 for serial GPS connected to the first serial port
  • source="file:/dev/rfcomm0" - BlueTooth GPS, /dev/rfcomm0 must be configured in /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf
  • source="pipe:/usr/bin/gpspipe -r" - any executable that produces NMEA output - gpsbabel, gpspipe, ...

They look like URLs, but they aren't valid as such. An URL consists of "{protocol}://{location}" so a local device should be "file:///dev/ttyS0".

This is all theoretical - Navit can do whatever the developers want. However, in the first example two slashes are used after "file:", and in the other examples only one slash is used. This is confusing and potentially incorrect. What is the correct way of writing this down?