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All the people here helped to make Navit what it is today. Thank you guys!

nick Tasks Full Name SVN name Devices OS
User:Cp15 maintainer, server admin, dev, ... Martin Schaller martin-s
user:Horwitz Michael Farmbauer
User:KaZeR Pierre Grandin
User:rphlx / bcr Bryan Rittmeyer
User:Mineque Design Internal GUI / OSD Michael Madej Vista 32bit, Ubuntu 64bit
User:Xenos1984 TomTom port Manuel Hohmann
User:Number6 twitter, press, media, patches,... Nick Geoghegan geoghegan WinCE, WinMo, iPhone WinCE, OpenSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, OSX
user:Korrosa Wiki, Trac overseer Netbook Ubuntu 32 Netbook Remix
user:Usul Wiki, Forum, Trac, planning Ubuntu 64 laptop, OpenPandora
user:pini official debian packager
user:sleske trac, code Sebastian Leske sleske - Linux

Hall of fame

This had been contributors for a long time, but the had to quit

nick Tasks Full Name SVN name Devices OS
user:Zaxl lexander Atanasov
User:Zilux Openmoko port Gilles Casse
User:Afaber Windows port
User:Sanzoghenzo MacOS port Andrea Ghensi
User:ThibThib MacOS port
User:hape WebOS port PalmPre WebOS
patches Naurelien Jacobs
patches Matt Callow
user:latouche debian packages vincent touchard
user:Dandor OSD speed-warner, odometer and stopwatch tegzed Ubuntu

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