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Basic Functions

Navit has the basic functions:

  • planning and viewing a route from a location A to B on the map. The location A and B are stored in the bookmarks. And navit calculates the root from A to B. Subprocesses are
    • Selecting location to start (location A -- enter A or select from bookmarks)
    • Selection destination (location B -- enter A or select from bookmarks)
    • Show selected vehicle -- optional: change selected vehicle to get the correct distances and travelling time for the trip.
    • Calculating the route and show user that navit is calculating the route.
    • Showing distance and time of the trip from A to B with selected vehicle
    • View trip on the map.
  • navigation with the support of navit from a location A to B. Subprocesses are
    • (unvisible for users) Set location to start as GPS locaction and do not overwrite location A for root planning.
    • Selection destination (location B -- enter A or select from bookmarks)
    • Press Button (Start) for navigation
    • Calculating route and users see that navit is calculating
    • Navigate from A to B
    • Stop Navigation (Stop Navigation Button - already implemented)
  • Settings of:
    • Select country (maybe not necessary, if navit.xml has a tag in the mapset definition where the country selection of e.g. a OpenStreetMap is already defined.
    • Select vehicle

With the current structure of the navit menu you can do all these things already, but the menu is not consistent to the main functions of navit. Furthermore the user does not see at moment on the main menu page what is the processing status of Navit. The main Informations on a Main Menu are (as options for changing):

  • Main Navit-Mode: (1) Navigation or (2) Route Planning
  • Starting Point A (e.g. Berlin with GPS Info) or current GPS location (depending on route planning or navigation mode)
  • Destination B (if set by user or stored and saved)
  • Distance and Time to destination (if calculated by Navit - like OSD in map)
  • Selected Vehicle for the trip.

Clicking on the shown infos will guide the user to that part of menu where they can change it.