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===[[User:KWATRECHT/Layout| My Layout with those Vehicleprofiles]]===
===[[Vehicleprofile/Bike_Cycleway| Bike Cycleway]]===
==[[Vehicleprofile/Bike_Cycleway| Bike Cycleway]]==
===[[Vehicleprofile/Bike_on_Asphalt| Bike on Asphalt]]===
==[[Vehicleprofile/Bike_on_Asphalt| Bike on Asphalt]]==
===[[Vehicleprofile/Car_no_Highway)| Car (no Highway)]]===
==[[Vehicleprofile/Car_no_Highway)| Car (no Highway)]]==
===[[Vehicleprofile/Hike_Bike_hard| Hike & Bike hard]]===
==[[Vehicleprofile/Hike_Bike_hard| Hike & Bike hard]]==
===[[Vehicleprofile/Hike_Bike_on_Ground_Gravel| Hike & Bike on Ground & Gravel]]===
==[[Vehicleprofile/Hike_Bike_on_Ground_Gravel| Hike & Bike on Ground & Gravel]]==
[[Vehicleprofile| vehicleprofiles]]
[[Vehicleprofile| vehicleprofiles]]

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My uploads

Detailed Camping Biker


Many pois are visible like housenumbers, Camping, Restaurants, Bakerys, Shops for food, Peaks (with names), Unknown (points with names).
Tracks, Paths, hiking paths and so on have different colors to distinguish them. Vehicleprofile/Bike_Cycleway

My Layout with those Vehicleprofiles

Bike Cycleway

Bike on Asphalt

Car (no Highway)

Hike & Bike hard

Hike & Bike on Ground & Gravel